We wish to provide a clean, relaxing, tranquil, atmosphere for all our guests. Working towards these goals is a list of FAQ's, Polices and Rules for Fish Mill Lodges.






~ No cots or roll-a-ways available.
~ Quiet Hours between 10 pm and 8 am.
~ Check-in is 2 pm Check-out is 11 am.
~ We reserve the right to evict anyone.
~ No Pets allowed anywhere on FML property.
~ All prices subject to change without notice.
~ Please return key(s) to office upon check-out.
~ Please use trash cans for litter and cigarette butts.
~ Group drinking involving minors is not permitted.
~ Maximum occupancy regulations must be observed.
~ The use or manufacture of illegal drugs is prohibited.
~ Trash dumpster in located in the RV Park, next to restrooms.
~ Minimum of two nights stay on all holidays and local events.
~ Children must be accompanied by an adult around dock & lake.
~ Please do not walk, play or store items in flower beds or rose garden.
~ Do not bring motors or gasoline into any units, by order of the Fire Marshall.
~ Play area is down below, by the lake not in flower beds, RV Park or roadways.
~ Do not clean fish in any unit, a fish cleaning station is provided for this purpose.
~ Only one parking space per unit, check with office for extra parking, $5 per day*.
~ If something is damaged or missing, please notify office, as guests are accountable.
~ Please note that due to limited resources, we do not allow registered guests to have visitors.
~ Do Not remove furniture, dishes, utensils etc. from this unit, with the exception of the plastic lawn chairs provided.
~ All vehicles must register immediately at the office or the vehicle will be towed at the owners expense, no questions asked.
~ These are housekeeping units, it was clean when you checked in, please try and leave it clean when you check-out to avoid any cleaning charges, this helps keep our rates down.
~ We have no maid service, so you can exchange soiled linens for clean ones at the laundry room from 2pm to 8pm, ring door bell at office for service.
~ The grounds are not bicycle, skateboard, in-line skate etc. friendly, there for they are not allowed and the riding, running or repairing of motorcycles, ATV's etc. is Strictly Prohibited.
~ Guests are financially responsible for the entire period of any reservation. The purpose of a reservation is to pull a unit from the rental pool, therefore making it unavailable to other prospective renters that may call. So…Seven days advance notice for reservation cancellation (No Refunds)
~ Policy on early departure: If any of the unused days of the original reservation can be re-rented, the fees that were collected for those days will be returned to you.








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