Fishing on Siltcoos Lake provides you with the opportunity to fish for several different species, so here's a few tips to help you on your quest:


Troll flashers, small weight, and worm 18in. behind on 6-8 lb. line. Various lures will work trolling or casting and change till you find the right one thats productive. Anchoring near weedlines where the bottom is weedfree and fishing a worm on a sliding sinker will catch fish. Add scent to your bait if you have some it can increase the odds in your favor. Slow fishing a wooly bugger or leech fly in black also will work.

Yellow Perch
The number one method of catching perch is to anchor and throw a half worm with a small sinker in till it hits bottom then reel up so your bait is within a foot of the bottom.If you don't get a bite soon move and repeat. Watching for a cluster of boats might tell you where to try. Perch will also hit small lures and crappie jigs or beetle spins (a smaller version of a bass spinnerbait).



Spinnerbaits in white and black are sometimes the best bet. Throwing rapalas toward pilings and lily pads will work during the warm months. Tube Jigs and rubber worms fished slowly are always a good choice. They will also hit trout lures fished by structure.


There are brown Bullheads in the lake weighing up to, an unofficial four-pounder, that was weighed in the fish cleaning room here at FML. The fish was released afterward. Old timers say to drag your anchor in a circle where you want to fish and drop it in the middle. This will stir up food and attract them. Then drop your favorite bait to the bottom and wait till dark when they start feeding. A lantern or good light will come in real handy when dealing with the spiny critters in the boat.


A searun cutthrout trout that can be caught in the fall months. spinners such as Metrics and Bud's in size 3 or 4, or trolling a Ford Fender with a small weight and worm 18" behind on 8lb. test.The state record weighing six pounds was caught here.

Coho Salmon

Season opens Oct. 1st. Can be caught trolling or casting spinners and medium sized lite colored hotshots. A bass spinner bait in white will also work as proven by incidental catches by bass anglers. The current oregon state record coho weighing 25 lbs. was caught in Siltcoos several years back.


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